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Friday, August 31, 2018

LT70WIDE Mobile Sawmill | WIDER cuts & WIDER blades | Wood-Mizer Europe

LT70WIDE Mobile Sawmill | WIDER cuts & WIDER blades | Wood-Mizer EuropeAchieve higher performance with the Wood-Mizer LT70 WIDE Sawmill - with optional WIDE head and WIDE blades! For sawmillers who need more capacity, the LT70 mobile sawmill from Europe is available with a WIDE head to cut larger logs, wider boards, and wider cants. The WIDE saw head increases the maximum width of cut to 86 cm. In addition, the LT70 sawmill can now be configured with WIDE non-belted blade wheels in order to run WIDE 50 mm blades. The wider blade wheels and 50 mm blades can be ordered for either the regular head width or the WIDE head. The new Wood-Mizer sawmill options increase cutting capacity for sawyers that require extra cutting widths, and wideband sawing performance. http://www.woodmizer-europe.com/Products/Professional/Sawmills/LT70


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